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13 April, 2002

I told Angie to go grab the camera.  I'd just gotten in from doing the first circumnavigation of The Farm, putting up NO TRESPASSING signs every hundred yards in less than 4 hours.  I said, "Girlfrend, [that's what I call her, you know]  Go take a picture.  This is the best I'm ever gonna be.  One day I want to pull out this picture and say.  ' I used to be able to walk this place in 4 hours.'"   Well, there you have it: the best I'm probably going to be.







One of our long-lost relatives sent us this pic of my grandfather and his family.  The patriarch is my Great-Grandfather, Georg.  They still have busts of him in the taverns in Marburg, where he is revered as the patron saint of drinking.  On the top row left is Uncle Reinhardt.  He was sort of the Eric Rudolf of his age. He told Hitler that he was a kook and to shut the f**** up before he got locked up as a lunatic.  That was before the Beer Hall Putch.  After Hitler got out of jail, Reinhardt had to go hide in the Black Forest for a number of years to evade the Nazis.  My Grandpa Henry is the little guy on the bottom left.




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