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Every good deer camp needs a meat pole.  We’ve been making do for the past three years, gutting and cleaning deer on the front porch.  However, it makes for a messy clean-up, and Girlfriend has decided that there is no way she can stomach another episode, with her holding the light while I get elbow-deep in a deer.


I’ve pondered the problem for a while.  I figured a kid’s swing set would be an ideal model, but for the height I intended, the base would be dramatically wide. I also didn’t want to use too many long pieces.  It finally occurred to me that unlike children, I don’t think any deer will be doing any serious swinging—only hanging. That meant I did not have to build a huge A-frame for stability.  A simple Y frame would work. I made a trip down to the barn to look through my stock of scraps, and came up with 6 nice 3X5’s, all about 5 feet long and 1 3X5  12 footer.  I also used scraps of 2X4 for the top braces.  The bottom braces were 2X6X5’.

If you were going to do this yourself, I’d think 4X4 treated would replace the 3X5.  I had a 12-foot piece, so that was the length I used.  It really doesn’t matter.  I suppose an eight footer would give you enough span for 2.  I used 3 ½” eyes on mine with the idea of having room for up to 5-8 deer .  It’s all put together with 3” deck screws.  All cuts are 45 or 90 degrees.

Now that we’ve got the sheds electrified, I can run an extension cord out to the pole and do my work. Meanwhile, Girlfriend can stay in the house and dream of puppies in the sunshine.


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